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    One should also understand that the classification of disorders is generally based upon individual interpretation of certain criteria by whichever counselor, psychologist, or physician that one sees. You may find a detailed list of mental disorders and their definitions at Mental Health Net.  Please understand that I do not diagnose or tag people with "DISORDERS"; however, I often work with people whole have previously been diagnosed with various disorders. The listing below is only a "partial list" of some of the more common disorders with which I worked and some articles which I have written.  This list is not meant to be complete by any means.  However, God has the answer for any and all disorders and I have worked with many types.
One Answer For Depression
Freedom from Anxiety
Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
Attention Deficit Disorders
Solutions for Schizophrenia
Answers / Suicidal Thoughts
Addictions Menu
Overcoming Trauma
Overcoming MPD / DID
Facing Seizure Issues
Overcoming Insomnia
Borderline Disorder
Overcoming Addictive Disorders
Antisocial Personality
Bipolar Stabilized - Video
A Bipolar Discussion - Video

Some other Disorders with which I have worked

1. Agoraphobia and other fears.
2. Antisocial Personality Disorders
3. Avoidant Personality Disorder
4. Dependent Personality Disorder
5. Eating Disorders = Anorexia & Bulimia
6. Panic Attacks Disorders
7. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
8. Psychotic Episodes Disorder
9. Separation Anxiety Disorder

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