Good Samaritan

Donations To Whole Person Counseling

You may prayerfully consider donating to Whole Person Counseling:

1. If you have received benefit from the Whole Person the Whole Person Counseling website.

2. If you are former client who has received benefit from the counseling.

3. If you think others would benefit from the counseling

Those in need of counseling are often like the individual who had been beaten and left for dead by the side of the road in the story of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37). Many  people have spent all their money trying to get help from various sources like the woman who came to Jesus with an issue of blood (Mark 5:25-26). Some  individuals have lost their means of income and are not mentally or physically able to work. Often they live some distance from San Angelo, Texas and have to fly or drive here from across the country or sometimes need to fly here from another country. Even if they still have a job, they have to take off their work for two weeks to come when they come for counseling. Once they get here to San Angelo, Texas, there is still the expense of a rental car for some, room, and board.

Therefore, Whole Person Counseling has just instituted a new policy where all counseling is done strictly on a donation basis. The only requirement is a $50.00 donation for confirmation for the intensive counseling appointment of several days or more. 

Whole Person Counseling operates under the authority of Freedom Fellowship Church which is a nonprofit organization.
All donations to Whole Person Counseling
which are not directly associated with your counseling or materials are tax deductible.
(If you use the mail option and desire a receipt, please ask for one.)


    1. By mail: Send your check or money order to:

Whole Person Counseling
342 South Chadbourne
San Angelo, Texas, 76903

    2. By Credit Card or Debit Card:

Visa Card
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    3. For Electronic Transfer:  Use PayPal