Approaches to
Sickness & Disease

This chart is a simplified overview of the different approaches and not meant to be comprehensive in nature. 
The reader should recognize that models are not always pure; therefore, one model may sometimes cross with other models.
Medical Profession
Primarily treatments of symptoms, but some preventive medicine
Scientific research
Use of drugs, surgery, and physical therapy
Psychiatry and Psychology
Treatment of symptoms
Chemical  and psychological research
Use of drugs and behavior modification
Alternative Medicine
Mostly treat symptoms, but also looks at preventive medicine
Personal experience, but is moving toward scientific research
Use of herbs, diet,  exercise, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments.
Mostly preventative
Primarily personal experience, but moving toward the scientific.
Nutrition, exercise, and mind control
Eastern Religions
Primarily preventative
Belief system based upon the beliefs of the specific religion
Prayer, moral law, and meditation
Witchcraft and White Magic
Both preventative and treatment of symptoms
Belief system based upon superstitions
Use of spells, enchantments, herbs, and potions
(The Word of God)
Both preventative and curative
Belief system based upon the Word of God
Prayer, meditation, moral law, and nutritional law, obedience to the Spirit, and faith in the finished work of Christ.

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