FAQS about Macromedia Page

1. You should know that I am not the author.
2. It is used by permission, and you may put it on your site also.   (See more information below.)

3. What I did was:

a. Download the zip file.
b. Use Windows Unzip to unzip it (includes three files: a .gif file, a .html file, and a .swf file).
c. Load the .html in Netscape Composer for the meta file correction (author, key words, description).
d. Then use Word Pad to change the addresses of (walk_flash.gif and walk_flash.swf ) in the .html file to correspond with their file location on my site.
c. There is also a need to change the URL address of "click here" to your own page on more information, use the URL of this page, or the author's page below. I also darkened the font color for "to add this page to your site" using  the code #5C4033. I changed the link color to #6F4242. (The bright colors seemed to distract).
4. Also, I give a personal thanks to the author for his permission to use this Macromedia presentation and believe that he was anointed of the Holy Spirit to create it.

5. For more information and down load please click here.