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If you would be interested in doing a banner exchange with me at Whole Person Counseling and  have your banner placed on this page, please submit your request by email .  Your site must primarily be a site with Christian content, or a site of interest to Christians.  Your site will be reviewed for consideration.  If you don't have a banner to exchange, you may still like to add the Whole Person Counseling banner to your site. Thanks!

WPC banner for exchange

   (1). To add this banner to your site, first save it by clicking on the banner with your right mouse button and save it to a local file.  (2). Next upload the banner to an appropriate .gif file on your site. (3) Add the following code to your web page:

LinkExchange Member


Gilberto and Friends

Songs of Israel


Larry's Songs of Praise and Worship


Visit this CBX member
Christian Banner eXchange

Institute For Basic Life Principles

Audio Bible


Peggie's Place!

A Christian Counselor

Christian Links Banner

Cybergrace Banner Exchange 2000

A Christians Counselor

Wisdom Surf List
Wisdom Surf List

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