Emotional Wound Test

This test may be a major step in helping you prepare for emotional healing.

 Instructions for this test are as follows:
1. Click on the most appropriate answer for you for each question.
2. When you finish, follow the instructions at the bottom of the test.

*** Please answer each question either True (T) or False (F) by checking the appropriate column.
[T] [F]  Check the left column for True and the right column for False.
-------- Set One --------
1. Is it hard for you to listen to others as they tell of their problems?
2. Do you cry very often?
3. Do you get more than nine hours of sleep at night?
4. When you argue, do you start your sentences with, "You ..."?
5. Do you have a fear of being rejected by others?
6. Do your friends say that you are live in your own world?
7. Do you experience anxiety or panic attacks?

8. Have you forgiven everyone who has offended you?
-------- Set Two --------
1. Do you find yourself being passive?
2. Do you ever wish evil would happen to others?
3. Do other people say that you can't see your own hurts?
4. Do you often interrupt others before they finish their statements?
5. Do you know of any secret addictions that you have?
6. Do you often find yourself trying to suppress your emotions?
7. Do you find yourself telling other people how they shoul d feel?
8. Do you have an imaginary friend in which you confide?
-------- Set Three --------
1. Do you awaken in the morning almost as exhausted as when you went to bed?
2. Do you exhibit various nervous habits when you are around certain people?
3. Are you comfortable being both with people and being alone?
4. Do you sometimes experience feelings of being hurt, but can not tie them to an event?
5. Do you have any physical ailments which are triggered by anxiety or stress?
6. Do other people say that you seldom or never show your emotions?
7. Are there blocks of time during the day or week that you lose (have no memory of)?
8. Do you find yourself being defensive when others attempt to correct you?
-------- Set Four --------
1. Do you wrestle with chronic infections in your body?
2. Do you forbid other people the privilege to feel the way they want to feel?
3. Are there major events in your childhood that you do not remember?
4. Do you enjoy staring down other people who disagree with you?
5. Do you allow yourself to lose control when you are angry?
6. Would you say that most other people don't understand your feelings?
7. Do you cut others short when they ask you personal questions?
8.Would other people describe you as being aggressive?
-------- Set Five --------
1. Do other people say that you are easily offended?
2. Do you seldom or never cry?
3. Do you feel unhappy most of the time?
4. Do you try to shout down people when they disagree with you?
5. Do you have difficulty making eye contact with other people?
6. Do other people say that you have an addiction to something?
7. Do you find yourself being irritated at what others say are little things?
8. Do you have difficulty showing tenderness toward others?
-------- Set Six --------
1. Would others say that you have a short temper?
2. Do you give others the cold shoulder when they don't accept your view?
3. Do you ever say, "I will never allow myself to be hurt like that again"?
4. Do you have difficulty accepting the imperfections of others?
5. Do you have a problem with insomnia (being unable to sleep)?
6. Do others say that you sometimes act like two different people?
7. Are there any traumatic experiences in your life that you have chosen to block out?
8. Have you asked God to reveal every emotional wound and waited on the revelation?
-------- Set Seven --------
1. Do you find yourself saying, "I am sorry" a lot?
2. Do you curse or use profanity when you get angry?
3. Do you often have nightmares?
4. Have you specifically acknowledged your every individual known wound before God?v
5. Do other people say that you are a perfectionist?
6. Have you asked God to heal you of each emotional hurt based upon Jesus' suffering?
7. Have you been totally honest on this test?
8. Did you find some of the questions on this test offensive?

(2) After you print the test, go to test explanations.

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