Fear of Man


Here is a test that may help you determine how much "fear of man" you have.

(The following test is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather meant to help you discover more about yourself.)

Instructions: * Click on the most appropriate answer for you for each question.

[T] [F]
Answer each question with either True [T] or False [F] by checking the appropriate column. Check the left column for True and the right column for False.

1. I often feel like other people are taking about me behind my back.
2. I have a hidden sin(s) that no one else knows about.
3. I often experience bouts of depression.
4. I seem to become easily tired and exhausted.
5. I have a lot of trouble making decisions.
6. I have trouble being close to other people.
7. I have difficulty in expression love toward others.
8. I know that I am self-conscious.
9. I am sometimes reactionary and defensive.
10. I find myself being critical or judgmental of others.
Remember . . . it is only a test.
11. I feel a need to tell my side of a conflict to people who are not involved.
12. I find myself boasting or exaggerating about my accomplishments.
13. I have difficulty in taking rebuke and correction.
14. I feel that I have to maintain control in most situations.
15. I have a nervous habit(s) when I am around certain people.
16. I sometimes take the offensive and attack others before they can attack me.
17. I find myself inflexible (have to have my own way) at times.
18. I sometimes talk about myself when I should be listening to the other person.
19. I have difficulty being transparent and honest with others.
20. I sometimes try to please others when I know what I am doing is wrong.
You are half way there.
21. I become very uneasy when I am around certain people.
22. I feel like other people would not accept me if they would really knew me.
23. I sometimes think more about my needs than needs of others.
24. I find myself working more hours than I should.
25. I often get mad at myself for not accomplishing more.
26. I often have a battle with doubt.
27. I have difficulty being open in worship and praise.
28. I have difficulty in making new friends.
29. I often wrestle with confusion.
30. I can hardly stand being in a crowd.
You have only one more set.
31. I have breathing difficulties, hypertension, head aches, or urinary problems.
32. I am passive and allow others to make decisions for me.
33. I find it difficult to receive gifts from others.
34. I lack courage to witness for Christ as I should.
35. I am often frustrated and discontented.
36. I lack personal intimacy in my family relationships.
37. I have people tell me that I am addicted to ________ (You fill in the blank).
38. I have a disease that is associated to a nerve disorder.
39. I feel that more people reject me than accept me.
40. I admit that at times I wrestle with pride.
Congratulations! You have finished.

Remember: The Israelites wondered in the wilderness for forty years because of the fear of man.

Scoring:   This is a SELF GRADE test. Allow yourself at least a couple of true answers: one for not understanding the statement and one for a lack of application. 
*** The more true answers that you have the greater the FEAR.

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