Fears / Phobias Test
 of 100 common fears that people face

This is a self-discovery test to help you discover the level of your unhealthy fears and how you may overcome them.
    Please understand that there is a difference between an awareness of real danger and an unhealthy fear.  I do not fear rattlesnakes and have killed a number of them in my youth, but I don't stick my hand in a dark hole under a rock where there may be a rattlesnake.

Please check the appropriate answer with "0" being the weakest or none and "5" being the strongest fear.

1. Fear of the dark.
2. Fear of heights.
3. Fear of falling.
4. Fear of sickness and disease.
5. Fear of failure.
6. Fear of evil.
7. Fear of dying.
8. Fear of large animals.
9. Fear of dogs.
10 Fear of cats.
11. Fear of being poisoned.
12. Fear of closed spaces.
13. Fear of success.
14. Fear of the future.
15. Fear of divorce.
16. Fear of snakes or other reptiles.
17. Fear of spiders.
18. Fear of crawling bugs.
19. Fear of birds.
20. Fear of storms.
21. Fear of loud sounds.
22. Fear of evil spirits.
23. Fear of Hell.
24. Fear of losing your salvation.
25. Fear of public speaking.
26. Fear of end time events.
27. Fear of open spaces.
28. Fear of being alone.
29. Fear of germs.
30. Fear of anyone in authority.
31. Fear of men (male gender).
32. Fear of women (female gender).
33. Fear of haunted houses.
34. Fear of being around dead people.
35. Fear of flying (travel).
36. Fear of driving (travel).
37. Fear of getting old.
38. Fear of getting married.
39. Fear of being "found out".
40. Fear of being poor.
41. Fear of what others may think about you.
42. Fear of guns, knives or other weapons.
43. Fear of insects.
44. Fear of the unknown.
45. Fear that God doesn't love or accept you.
46. Fear of being in a crowded place.
47. Fear of personal mental illness.
48. Fear of seeing blood.
49. Fear of dirt.
50. Fear of going to sleep.
51. Fear of being overweight.
52. Fear of being underweight.
53. Fear of going to church.
54. Fear of not being prepared.
55. Fear of being punished.
56. Fear of evil people.
57. Fear of losing control of your emotions.
58. Fear of not awaking from sleep.
59. Fear of being ugly.
60. Fear of being naked.
61. Fear of crowds.
62. Fear of facing life.
63. Fear of making decisions.
64. Fear of losing your family.
65. Fear of disorder / not having your life planned.
66. Fear of being emotionally wounded.
67. Fear of giving birth (child bearing).
68. Fear of recalling a past event.
69. Fear of remaining single.
70. Fear of aliens.
71. Fear of crying.
72. Fear of being angry.
73. Fear of being happy.
74. Fear of committing suicide.
75. Fear of having sex (within a God ordained marriage).
76. Fear of being labeled by others.
77. Fear of being emotionally intimate with others.
78. Fear of fire or being burned.
79. Fear of being tortured.
80. Fear of being without medication.
81. Fear of committing the unpardonable sin.
82. Fear of being in a hospital.
83. Fear of having surgery.
84. Fear of someone looking over your shoulder.
85. Fear of water or drowning.
86. Fear of mirrors.
87. Fear of certain foods.
88. Fear of being starved.
89. Fear of moving.
90. Fear of changes in your routine.
91. Fear of angels.
92. Fear of electronic gadgets.
93. Fear of sudden disaster.
94. Fear of what someone said about you may come true.
95. Fear of not being able to do what God has told you.
96. Fear that you will never be a success.
97. Fear of the Holy Spirit.
98. Fear of losing a family member through death.
99. Fear that God may or may not speak to you.
100. Fear that is not otherwise listed.

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