Longevity Test

How we live and what we believe
may be determining factors to our length of life.

1. You may discern for yourself factors in living a long life.
2. You may see why others have died young or lived long.

The following test is not meant to be exhaustive,
but rather meant to help you discover some principles affecting our longevity..

Instructions for this test are as follows:
Answer each question with either Yes [Y] or No [N] by checking the appropriate column. Check the left column for Yes and the right column for No.

1. Do you eat pork products (bacon, ham, pork chops)?
2. Do you exercise regularly? 
3. Are you a workaholic, or do you otherwise abuse your body?
4. Do you eat shell fish (shrimp & lobster) or catfish?
5. Do you honor your parents?
6. Do you have a lot of fears or worries?
7. Do you ever take credit for God's work in your life?
8. Do you commit sexual sins (premarital or extramarital relation)?
Remember . . . it is only a test.
9. Are you meek (meekness is strength submitted under authority)?
10. Do you sometimes reject other Believers who are part of the body?
11. Do you ever lie to the Holy Spirit?
12. Do you rest on the Sabbath?
13. Are you trying to serve God your way and not His?
14. Do you eat fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic?
15. Do you seek physicians rather than God when you get sick?
16. Do you give thanks to God for what you have to eat?
You may live long enough to finish this test.
17. Do you seek to see life from God's perspective?
18. Are you conscious that God will discipline you whenever you do wrong?
19. Do you go about speaking evil of others?
20. Do you call upon God when you find yourself in trouble?
21. Are you faithfully obedient to the Word of God?
22. Are you humble opposed to being prideful?
23. Do you fast (refrain from food and /or water) regularly?
24. Do you envy what others have?
Congratulations! You have finished.

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