Obsessive - compulsive disorders occur when one is plagued by a repetition of thoughts followed by behavioral responses to those thoughts.   For example: one may have repetitive thoughts of fear about leaving his house unlocked.  He, in response, may check the lock to his house numerous times before leaving his house.   This disorder is a type of defense mechanism which is often shrouded in rituals.
One may count the number of times that he chews each bit of food before he swallows it.  A woman may take one hour, trying on a dozen dresses, before deciding which dress to wear.  Someone may come into my office and straighten the table before him before he sits down to talk and then rearrange it again as he talked.  Others may repeat the same phase over and over.  Another person may wring his hands repetitively as he talks.  One may methodically plan every detail of the day to the minute.
    Quite often obsessive-compulsive behavior is accepted and admired.  For example: one may be come to church every time the door is opened, but also neglect family responsibilities.  At the work place, one may be praised because of his devotion to work, while in reality, he is avoiding major emotional issues in his life.

    As with other types of disorders, there may be a number of potential root causes. The following outline is simplistic in nature; therefore, please understand that there may be more than one factor involved.  Here are a few possible root causes with some related articles:
1. One may have emotional wounds that have triggered the thoughts and actions.
Resolution: Healing For The Emotions.
2. Generational curses also may be associated to this disorder.
Resolution:  The Evil Tree.
3. One may have hidden guilt which he has not resolved.
Resolution: Get A Clear Conscience.
4. One may have a belief system that is based upon performance - acceptance.
Resolution: Overcoming Burnout.
5. One may have suffered some major failure that has precipitated this disorder.
Resolution: The Suffering Issue.
6. One may have a lack of understanding of living by the grace of God.
Resolution: Ability To Live.
7. One may have suffered the loss of someone very close and dear.
Resolution: Overcoming Loneliness.
8. The individual may have fallen into a religion of rituals and sacraments.
Resolution: Life Exchange Test.

Note:  The Identity Crisis Test and Foundational Principles Test may also reveal additional issues.
  If you or someone that you know has such a disorder, the good news is there is an answer!  You don't have to continue to be tormented by the obsessive thoughts or be in bondage to the compulsive behavior.  Through receiving proper counsel and applying the principles of the Word of God, there is FREEDOM!    See: Personal Counseling Appointments. For HELP contact me at Whole Person Counseling.