Do You Need Counseling?

A Self Test

Instructions for this test are as follows:
Answer each question with True [T] or False [F] by checking the appropriate column. Check the left column for True and the right column for False.

Set One
1. Have your friends suggested that you get counseling?
2. Have you considered counseling but feel you can't afford it? 
3. Has someone in authority over you suggested that you need counseling?
4. Are you experiencing emotional or mental pain associated with a divorce?
5. Are you having difficulty making a decision concerning marriage? 
6. Do you entertain thoughts of suicide or self harm from time to time?
7. Do people tell you that you are cold and insensitive?
Set Two
1. Are you fighting some substance addiction (drug, alcohol, nicotine, or food)? 
2. Are you struggling with a choice of a career?
3. Are you wrestling with the issues concerning a job loss?
4. Do you depend upon your relationship with someone for your self esteem? 
5. Do you use sex as an escape from other social problems? 
6. Do you experience periodic or repetitive nightmares?
7. Are you dependent on antidepressants or antianxiety drugs?
Set Three
1. Are you emotionally exhausted from a major or long term illness?
2. Do you feel hurt or rejected by people in a church?
3. Do you experience bouts of periodical depression?
4. Does your family complain about the amount of time you spend at work?
5. Are you facing some strong fear in your life?
6. Are you experiencing a major disappointment because of financial failure?
7. Do you have uncontrollable, annoying thoughts that just won't go away?
Set Four
1. Do you find yourself in repeated moral failures? 
2. Do you find yourself sleeping excessively? 
3. Do you wrestle with doubts about God's love for you?
4. Do you find yourself becoming emotional over little things?
5. Are you searching for spiritual direction for your life? 
6. Do you believe that God has rejected you for some reason?
7. Do you experience hearing voices or seeing things that are not of God?
Set Five
1. Do you find yourself using excuses for not fulfilling your responsibilities?
2. Does you family complain about the time you spend in ministry?
3. Are you experiencing a long term sadness over the death of someone? 
4. Do your find yourself drifting into a fantasy world to escape your problems?
5. Has someone left you with a bitterness that you have difficulty dismissing?
6. Has physical, mental, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse left you crippled?
7. Do you find yourself lying about unimportant issues?
Set Six
1. Do you have unresolved conflicts within your immediate or extended family?
2. Are you unsure or confused about your salvation from sin?
3. Have you convinced yourself that you only need 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night?
4. Do you often get angry with yourself over your inability to do things right?
5. Do you find yourself plotting revenge in your mind toward someone?
6. Do you fear losing your eternal salvation?
7. Do you at times have a sense of extreme loneliness?
Set Seven
1. Do you wrestle with thoughts of jealousy or envy?
2. Do you suffer from physical problems which have no known physical cause?
3. Does your family complain about the money you spend on entertainment?
4. Have you experienced sudden unplanned weight loss or gain?
5. Have you been diagnosed as having a personality disorder?
6. Do you have trouble concentrating on the business at hand?
7. Have you fallen into a habit of using God's name in vain or cursing?

Score yourself based upon the number of [TRUE] answers that you gave.  The greater the number TRUE answers that you gave, the greater the need you have for COUNSELING.


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