Make WPC Your Ministry
You may participate in the ministry of Whole Person Counseling in the following ways.

1. Please be in prayer for the WPC ministry.( More information ) and tell others about the website and the ministry. Whole Person Counseling

2. Make use of the inspirational cards. Inspirational Cards

3. Donations are welcome.  (I sometimes minister in hardship cases with little or no income.)

For options on making donations, please click > HERE.
4. Send someone a scenic promotional card.  (one now, but more to come)
* Yosemite Vale   = This beautiful card comes with its own viewer.  It is a downloadable .exe file (about 392k).  Just save and execute for your own viewing.  Please attach the file to your email and send it to your friend.
5. Download a free jigsaw picture puzzle for your PC (Windows).  Time yourself, have fun, and email one to someone else.  FREE PUZZLES.

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