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    I am available to hold seminars and speaking engagements on a variety of topics which can be tailored to the needs of your specific church, fellowship, ministry, or organization.  Previous seminars have covered such topics as "Emotional Healing", "Spiritual Warfare", "Marriage & Family Relations", and "Grace for "Grace & Truth For Life, Healing, & Freedom".  Depending on the length of the seminar, it may include a combination of topics from those listed below and additional topic may be considered.
1. The Scriptural approach to counseling.
2. The nature of man (spirit, soul, and body).
3. The salvation through grace.
4. Understanding principles of authority.
5. Understanding family relations.
6. The healing of the whole person (spirit, soul, and body).
7. Deliverance ministry.
8. Place of prayer in counseling.
9. Dealing with various mental and emotional disorders.
10. How to get a clear conscience.
11. Seeing issues from God's perspective.
12. Cleansing for the counselor.
13. How to overcome depression.
14. Scriptural guidelines for eating.
15. How to overcome struggles with anger.
16. Living a victorious life.
17. The Holy Spirit and counseling.
18. Overcoming Fear.
19. Overcoming depression.
20. Parent and children issues.
21. Scriptural view of finances.
22. Breaking generational curses.
    Seminars are generally free to the public or congregation. A syllabus or supplement outline is offered and recommended for a minimum donation.  Seminars are an economical and excellent way for a great number of people in your church, fellowship, ministry, or organiztion to receive valuable help and training.  All seminars are based upon the principles of truth found in the Word of God and are delivered by the grace of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus said, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19b).  Then Jesus went forth teaching, preaching, and healing.  My goal is to do the same.  Teaching is teaching the Word of God.  Preaching is explaining and illustrating the Word.  Finally, healing is bringing personal application to the Word.  I am convinced that all three are essential for an effective ministry.

A Seminar Report from Bishop Peter Morgan where about 200 people attended..

Dear Brother and Sister Frasure:

Greetings from me and my beloved wife Sarah, and our children and all the members of Vision International Ministries. Furthermore, we wish you to know that your seminar was a tremendous blessing to all that participated, particularly our members because the Lord, through your thorough, simple and Bible-based teachings confirmed so many things that have been taught to them over the years. It also reawaken their interests and awareness.
We all at Vision wish to extend to you and your wife, our profound sense of gratitude and appreciation for coming to bless us. We would love to have you back at the Lord's leading. Of course you can use our ministry as a reference for your future seminars.

Once again, thank you. May the Lord lengthen your days and cause your end to be far better than your beginning; in ministry, in marriage and in life.

We love you and your lovely wife and God bless you both.

Peter Morgan
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