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Anita's Testimony

    I am now 84 years of age and I been a Christian for 64 years and I have always been grounded in my faith and commitment.

   My problem began to arise when my oldest granddaughter began to make some bad choices in her younger years. ((Anita was to bring her grand daughter for counseling, but the day they were to leave, her granddaughter backed out, so Anita decided to come anyway)) I did not realize how much I needed a spiritual renewal. I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to attend because it changed my whole way of thinking. The fact that the truth of God's Word was the main emphasis and I have experienced real peace and my role as the matriarch of my family has become more important to me.

Note: Anita drove from Houston, Texas by herself.

    Anita had for years avoided facing emotional wounds by saying that she was a Christian woman and she could not let such hurts bother her. However, God healed her emotional wounds and brought a marvelous change in her life.