Assurance of Salvation
Nicole's Testimony

    I am a young, happily married woman with 2 young beautiful children. I chose to come to Whole Person Counseling after 2 ½ years of struggling with an illness that came upon me suddenly, and has greatly troubled my life. I have been a Christian for about 5 years now, and I was having a hard time feeling God or understanding how God was in this with me and also on my side. I would pray every day, begging the Lord to heal me and relieve me of my suffering which has hindered my diet greatly and affects me physically and then affects the functioning of my mind causing many challenges. The doctors have had no answers and have not been very helpful. I have tried MANY health regimens and treatments without success. I became so hopeless and despairing that I felt there was no way of life for me. My life was doomed to misery and suffering to the end of my days. I decided I should try to come see Dr. Basil before I drew my final conclusion which left me staring suicide in the face.

    God prepared me for this time in Texas when a wonderful Christian woman planted herself on my bedroom floor and refused to leave. She demanded that I read the Word of God aloud. I was very resistant, had never done that, and thought it was ridiculous. (After all, what good would that possibly do, I was praying, wasn't that enough!) So for a month before I made it out to Dr. Basil, I would try to use the word, but was still resistant to a point.

    My time with Dr. Basil changed my walk with the Lord. God opened the door with the wonderful Christian woman, and then brought me to truth during my time in Texas. I finally learned that my salvation was not to be determined by how I saw God letting me suffer. I learned assurance of salvation and he walked me through scriptures some might use to say you could lose it and shed light on them to assure me of the truth. I learned that I HAVE to be in God's Word to have a fellowship with him and understand who he is so I could understand how He feels toward me. I learned numerous things and truth. And I must say that I feel there is no substitute for one on one discipleship that isn't hurried. I am grateful for the ministry the Lord has used Dr. Basil for. I can't fit all that I learned and gained from my time there, but the fact that everything I learned was based on scripture and supplied for me for my own growth has established a firm foundation for me. I am thankful for all that I have gained!

    I still struggle with my health, but have a new way to manage, and some days all I can do is put on a garment of praise for a garment of heaviness or read the Psalms aloud. But God is faithful to minister to me. When we returned home from Texas I learned that I am pregnant, which seemed impossible to me, but the Lord gave me a strong sense that this was in his hands completely, and I will see His glory in the birth of this child.

Thanks again Basil, and bless you!!!

Nicole Mayo

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