Mt. Hood in Oregon
Photo Taken of Mt. Hood Oregon

Multiplicity To Wholeness

    I would like to introduce to you a lovely lady, Broox, from California.  She has come received a wholeness in her life.  God's hand is upon Broox to minister peace and wholeness to others.

    At the age of two and one half,  I was diagnosed with a venereal disease. The trauma from the sexual abuse caused MPD, PTSD, and BPD.  I was severely emotionally damaged. Moreover, the abuse continued until age 16.  Connecting with people produced great fear of abandonment and mistrust.

    Although, I went to many therapists, none of them could free me of my multiplicity. The result was hopelessness, attempts of suicide and hospitalizations. I felt God didn't love me and I wanted to die.

    Hope came when I found out about Dr. Basil Frasure's Scripture-based counseling and his knowledge of my type of issues.

    The foundation of my treatment was that my identity was in Christ!  God's Word told me of His great love and concern.  Jesus, on the cross, bore all the terror and deep pain that I had experienced.   Through Christ alone, I found complete healing for every wound.

    In slightly over a week of therapy, God performed a  miracle of integrating four of my alter personalities. Now I am whole.

    Praise God, there are no more voices in my mind!  I now feel a sweet calmness in my soul.  Now, I WANT to live and help others who have been brokenhearted by abuse and show them that God is the only answer for their healing. 

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