Ceinwen's Testimony

    Ceinwen's husband said that he had always thought of his wife as a rose bud which had not opened it's pedals, but he watched her blossom as she when through the counseling.

 Note: Please listen to Ceinwen's Testimony (about 3.20 minutes) before reading it below.

Ceinwen's Testimony ... 29th March, 2007

    I had been a Christian for just over 18 years and had suffered mood swings for 17 years and had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  As a child I had been sexually abused by my uncle and this had far reaching consequences. As a teenager I enjoyed watching horror films, taking part in drinking binges and following my horror scope all of which sowed many seeds of fear in my heart.

    In the past year my situation deteriorated and I had two suicide attempts, one which resulted in being in intensive care for 4 days and after that I HAD 3 MONTHS IN A PSYCHIATRIC WARD.  During that time I also discovered that at 40 years old I was pregnant.  My husband in desperation searched the internet for any help for Bipolar Disorder, and came across Basil Frasure's web site.  The testimonies encouraged him so much that he took the radical step of removing me from hospital in Wales, UK and flying me to Texas where I have spent two weeks.

    During counselling with Basil Frasure, with my husband sitting in, we worked through many issues. These included:

Re-establishing my relationship with God.
Learning to trust him again
Gaining a clear conscience through confession.
Cutting off curses through my family
Learning to be free from having a victim mentality in relation to my Welsh heritage.
I am now a citizen of an eternal and indestructible Kingdom.
I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
I am a saint  ... not by anything that I have done but by what Jesus has accomplished for me on the cross.
    I now have a new confidence which includes:
Respect and belief for the Word of God,
Through its provision all I need for health and healing.
Freedom from fear and deliverance from the devils grip.
A new direction for my life and a firm hope for eternal life.
I also, in Jesus have an arsenal of weapons that I can use in spiritual warfare against the enemy.
I've realized that in my new life with Jesus the old roots are cut off and I am now grafted into the new vine which is Jesus
God has given me gifts (with a balanced mind) which are primarily ones of service and mercy, of exhortation and teaching.
    To conclude, I am grateful that the Lord has brought me here to Texas and ask for your prayers for grace to continue to walk in the light that Jesus has provided for me. Thank you.
 You may contact Ceinwen at the e-mail below for any questions.  Please put please put "Basil Frasure, Ph.D." in the subject line so she won't think that the e-mail is a spam.
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