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Daevid's Testimony

    The starting point was GOD. That was how we, my wife and I, got to get there in San Angelo, Texas in the month of late May to middle June 2014.

    You see, my wife and I were struggling with our marriage. We wanted to find counseling and after some time of searching my wife was led to the website of Whole Person Counseling, located half way round the world from Southeast Asia, where we live. This was no coincidence, and we believe it was GOD’s divine intervention that eventually led us to visit with Dr. Basil Frasure for 3 weeks.

    Both of us wanted to do individual counseling sessions prior to any joint sessions to address our marital problems. So, during the 3 weeks, my wife and I underwent individual sessions before we did the joint sessions with Dr. Basil. I shall leave my wife to write her testimony separately, so this write up is solely from my own.

    I must admit that at first I was sort of disappointed because the approach to counseling there somewhat was not to my preconceived expectations. However, as the days passed I began to realize the impact it had on me.

    I am 62 years of age. Not exactly young, so you can imagine how much baggage, and bondages, I carry with me. I always thought it was too late to change or heal. But now I can tell you that that is the lie the enemy had put in me.

    I started going to church over 30 years ago, then it was almost like kind of a fashion to follow, prior to that I was a non-believer of any faith. Initially I was never convicted until some years later when I was worshiping at a Baptist church in Jakarta, Indonesia, that was when I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit occasionally. Due to the pressures of work life and the difficulties I faced during that period of my life I drifted in and out of my faith. At times I was disappointed with God, at other times angry with Him, believing that He had deserted me. I could never understand why trials and tribulations befell me, and yet He ignored them all, even my prayers and cries for help came to nothing.

    You see I was in this great tussle with myself and this caused me to fall through the open doors of the enemy. I was not a very good person, always pushy, critical and judgmental. My struggles naturally affected my relationship with my wife. It got from bad to worse. I behaved and acted badly towards her. My sinful actions hurt her plenty and we were on the verge of filing for divorce. I was seldom home, because of the nature of my work, and I fell into affairs. You can imagine what the consequences were then.

    Nevertheless, during all those bad years of mine, my wife was faithfully praying (also many of her Christian friends whom she requested to support in prayers) for me, for my salvation and return to Christ.

    Lately, like about 3 years ago, after being spiritually lost for more than 10 years, I began attending a church in my hometown (through the encouragement of my wife). This was different as I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit again, and the messages from the pulpit somehow seemed to be directed at me. I also went through a healing program consisting of several sessions and this helped me to understand my baggage and bondage from the past. However, the issue of my marriage remained unresolved.

    Though there were improvements in the relationship with my wife following my return to Christ and the healing program I attended, there were still many issues that were hindering us from moving forward in our quest to repair our marriage. This was because I was trying with wrong actions that were not totally biblical based. Hence, the search that led us to San Angelo.

    Glory is to be given to GOD that from the sessions with Whole Person Counseling I have received emotional and spiritual healing. I can say that a deeper understanding of how I shall relate to GOD and Christ has resulted from the teaching of the principle of the Seed. The fundamental need to align my spirit with that of Jesus Christ truly impacted me. How such alignment shall impact my soul, and hence my emotions, mental and self-will became very real to me.

    I also began to understand the consequences of generational curses. There was relief after Dr. Basil took me through this teaching. This was not the only area, there were many others including such fundamentals in How to Renounce the Lies of the Enemy, Power in our Speech (so speak love and kindness, and not anger and bitterness), To Yield to Jesus as we call Him my Lord, and more.

    Several specific areas impacted me. I realize now that Forgiveness is the door to freedom, and that I shall obey the righteous faith and trust in Him. I was convicted that the truth to any transformation is to heal self and not the symptoms of hurt. The fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22 (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Goodness, and Self-control) has now become central in me.

    Today as I write this testimony, I can say that my relationship with my wife has improved. We are on the path of repair and restoration. We still have some way to go. The journey has not ended, but with the Lord’s leading we shall be victorious. I see huge changes in my wife, and I hope that she can see some of mine. I shall continue to lean on Jesus Christ to help me be a better person, husband and father.

    My ending shall be with God. No doubts.  17th September 2014

    Praise Him. Amen!


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