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Joaquin's Testimony

    For many years I have had anxiety, fears, social issues, sadness, a feeling of no hope, and unforgiveness.  I believed that this was "just the way I am."

    I believed that I had been saved at a very young age (age 8).  After praying with and being counseled by Dr. Basil Frasure (when I was age 38), I came to realize that even through I did believe that God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Heaven and Hell all existed, that it was only an intellectual belief, not one of my heart.

    My own solutions to the anxieties I often experienced, were to withdraw and not talk to other people, avoid people and situations, take medication, read self-help books, and see a counselor.

    At my lowest, while I was out of work and trying to start a non-prophet organization, God led me to a Godly counselor, Dr. Basil Frasure.  While I was there only a few minutes, he discerned, using a series of questions he asked, that I had never truly made Jesus the Lord of my life.  This was very bewildering to me and caused me a great deal of worry and tension.  I started looking for the door and the best way to get away from this guy, but deep down I knew I should stay.  I knew he was probably right, because for my entire adult life I did not have an assurance or a sense of freedom in my presumed salvation.  I also used to always feel like I should recite the salvation prayer every time it was offered in church services.

    I decided to stay and hear Dr. Frasure out, and was definitely not able to answer any of his questions about true salvation with confidence.  After I agreed he was probably right (that I had not ever truly given my life to  Jesus), but still not sure, he bound the strong man that had be blinded (Mark 3:27), and I was finally able to say that I truly wanted to give my life to Jesus, my Savior.  At that moment, I felt a relaxing in my chest and arms and peace came over me.  I was baptized the next day.

    The results of this experience are still coming about.  Life by no means is perfect, I am a continuing journey towards freedom.  As a result of giving my life totally over to Jesus, I now have a freedom to forgive, and I have hope for the future.  Most of all, I have a peace that I have never known in my entire life.

Joaquin Davis

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