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Laci's Testimony

    When my husband left me I suffered some deep emotional wounds. I had mistakenly gotten my identity from my husband and my children so when he left my identity was shattered. I knew that the Lord was the only place to turn. He taught me very early on that is tragedy was the result of attacks of Satan and my husband was not the enemy. I was convicted to forgive my husband and love him despite what he had done and remain faithful to our marriage. Although I knew I was doing the right thing the wound remained open and I lacked the joy and peace that I knew God had promised me. After 4 years I felt like I was stagnant in my walk with God and any sort of reconciliation with my husband. Something was missing. I had forgiven him but I still was not free from the burden and hurt.

    I found Dr. Frasure's website through his article on marriage and divorce and felt like I could trust his perspective and counsel because it was in line with what God had shown me directly. After years of trying to do things, and walk this walk in my own strength and will Dr. Frasure showed me how that only served to add to my frustration. Instead I came to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit in me and that was so freeing!

    At Whole Person Counseling I learned that my identity is in Christ Jesus not in my husband or children or anything else. That can never be taken or shaken! I learned to stand up to Satan when he comes against me with lies and feel confident in the authority I have over the powers of darkness. I feel so encouraged and empowered and equipped to walk in the Spirit and fight for my family as long as it takes because of the truth training I received at Whole Person Counseling.

    I learned that Jesus is not only my sin substitute so that I can get to heaven but He is also my emotional wound substitute so I can live free and whole in this life even after such a devastating blow. Praise the Lord!

    Dr. Frasure was always so frequent to give all the glory to God. He is genuine and humble. He has stories and illustrations for almost all of the concepts and truths that he shared with me to really help me to learn them on many levels.

    I've already been able to share what I've learned to help others and gotten a more God-centered perspective on things, especially hard things in life. I have a joyful praising song in my heart for what the Lord has done for me.

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