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Marie's Testimony
   Counselor's note:  Marie came to Whole Person Counseling from Washington DC for two weeks of intensive counseling after she searched for a cure for a bipolar disorder. Marie is an intelligent and zealous young woman who was open to receive emotional healing and freedom from a performance mentality which are roots to a bipolar disorder.

    One of the assignments that I gave Marie to help her overcome the symptoms of a bipolar disorder was to list 10-15 benefits of her experience of being diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.  This can only be done with the understanding that God can work all things together for our good (Romans 8:28).  Her response was amazing.

15 benefits of my bipolar diagnosis

1. I can personally relate to others given the mentally ill label.
2. I am much more accepting and less judgmental than before my diagnosis.
3. I have been humbled in my source of deepest pride - my mind.
4. I have new empathy and compassion for others.
5. My eyes are opened to the world of mental illness.
6. I have made friends I never would have made before.
7. My world is bigger because of the people I have met in my bipolar journey.
8. I have a greater capacity for joy than those who have not suffered the depths of depression.
9. I treasure laughter, happiness and joy more deeply because of depression.
10. I can relate to Christ's suffering in the garden before his death
11. My parents don't depend on me with their affairs.
12. I have learned healthy life coping skills that "well" people have yet to learn.
13. I have healthier sleep patterns because of intentional discipline.
14. I am aware of how my behavior affects others.
15. I have allowed my creativity to grow and blossom.

*** You may contact Marie through the e-mail link below.  Please put Basil Frasure in the title so that Marie does not think that your email is a spam.

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