Garden Of The Gods

     Counselor's note:  The above photo is of the Garden Of The Gods Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  These rocks which protrude upward are gigantic in size and are somewhat overwhelming as you stand at the base of them, but from a higher view they make a beautiful photo.  Many people have many large looming obstacles in their lives like these gigantic rocks, but as they gain a higher view from God's Word, their lives begins to form a beautiful picture. This is a picture of Matthew's life.

    Matthew contacted me initially about four years ago, but the timing was not right. Amazingly, God also opened my daily calendar this time though the cancellation of other appointments that I might spend more time with Matthew.  He had become a Believer, but was still bound up with the old grave clothes.  See: Removing The Grave Clothes.  Matthew made marked progress over the two weeks of intensive Leave-counseling.  His mother, who came with him also noted the daily progress. Matthew worked diligently at getting a clear conscience, tearing down the strongholds of the enemy, freeing himself from bondage, breaking generational curses, and seeking God for mental and emotional healing.  Matthew may write more details of his background and experiences later, but the following is his current brief testimony.

Matthew's Testimony
    "God has shown me that His mercies are renewed daily.  His grace is always there to believe in, in the the midst of disbelief and despair. I am declared to be forever abiding in His right hand. My problems seem small for I can do anything with Christ who strengthens me to be whatever He has declared for.  My sins from beginning to the end are forgiven.  He loves me and cares about my well being and has show me that life is fair and He has justified me.  He has turned me from bitter to sweet.  He has shown me that I am righteous because Christ already defeated the devil and chose me to join in his family."
To contact Matthew by e-mail concerning his counseling experience, please put "Basil Frasure" in the subject line so he won't think your e-mail is a spam.

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