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Mikalyn's Video Testimony


Mikalyn's written testimony:

    At 6 years old, I was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and I started to take Abilify and it worked for a few years.  At 9 years old the medicine stopped working.  I got in trouble a lot.  The kids were making fun of me because I could not do some things.  I came to counseling cause my mom made me. Here at counseling, I learned not to get angry and if I do, I ask for forgiveness ... And resisting fear with the Word of God.   Now I am not as scared.  BYE!

*** You may contact Mikalyn's mother, Dr. Flowers, with the e-mail link below.  Please put Basil Frasure in the title so that Dr. Flowers does not think that it is a spam. 

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