MPD / DID to Wholeness

    I suffered with Multiple Personality Disorder also known as (MPD).  At age 29, I was on several different medications for depression, anxiety, panic, etc.  None of the medications helped.  I spent years in secular counseling with no improvement.  I was given the diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder, major depression, panic and anxiety disorders.

    I MADE SEVERAL ATTEMPTS ON MY LIFE!  I could not take the pain any more.  Started going to church ....I mean after all what did I have to lose?  The pastor sent me to a biblical counselor.   Little did I know that my life was about to change!  It was through that counseling I discovered the source of my pain.  I WAS (MPD).   As a result of (MPD), I suffered loss of time, loss of driving rights for 6 months due to black outs.

    I suffered repeated dizzy spells which led to a medical leave from work. This was taking a toll on my physical body not to mention my mind.  Friends became distant.  They couldn't understand why I seemed to be different from day to day, even moment by moment.  A Mental Health organization took control of my medications as I could not remember taking them which also led to overdosing. Also, I was a high suicide risk.

    I became afraid of myself not knowing who I was going to be from one moment to the next or what I was doing when another personality was out.  Enough was Enough!   I needed HELP!  I was asked if I would go to Texas to Whole Person Counseling.  I was desperate! So after brief phone contact with Dr. Basil Frasure, an appointment was made and I was on my way.  I was there for 2 weeks. While there, I learned how to apply God's word to my life. In Christ I found true love, life, hope, and yes! HEALING!

     Jesus cares about every area of my life.  With Jesus all things are possible. YES, EVEN HEALING!  Thanks to Jesus my past no longer controls my life! God does!  I had to surrender all my rights to Him.  I'm living proof Jesus can touch you right where you are at!  All you need to do is open up and trust him.


Note: Some grammatical corrections were made for the reader's clarity by permission of Rebecca.

Counselor's note:  Rebecca received a marvelous amount of healing and wholeness during her stay.

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