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Overcoming The Pain

    Emotional pain is sometimes manifest in the form of extreme physical pain.  Tamera shares her testimony of overcoming the pain in a brief interview.

Tamera's Testimony:

BF: I have a special lady with me today.  Tamera.  Tamera, would you briefly share about some of the issues that you have been facing and how long you have been suffering?

TG: In June of this year, I had a total mental and physical breakdown.  I had been having progressive physical and mental problems for several years that had kicked into high gear over the last few months.  Some doctors thought it was MS, but my neurologist said that it was the effects of chronic depression.  I knew that I was in serious trouble because I had been fighting depression for years and I was losing.

BF: How did you come to find out about Whole Person Counseling?

TG: I searched pastoral counseling on the web.

BF: What main principles from God's Word have ministered to you the most?

TG: I have authority in Jesus Christ in His resurrection power over depression, pain and addictions.  God wants me to win this battle and He is working all of my painful past for good. I have been a Christian since childhood but I wasn't experiencing that Christ died for MY sins.

BF: What changes have you noticed in your life?

TG: I am delivered from the strongholds of depression, physical and emotional pain, prescription narcotics and smoking.

BF: Tamera, it has been exciting to watch God work in your life and I praise God for what He has done and is yet to do in you.

You may contact Tamera at her e-mail below for any questions.  Please put please put "Basil Frasure, Ph.D." in the subject line so she won't think that the e-mail is a spam.
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