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Patti's Testimony

PLEASE LISTEN to the Patti's fabulous testimony above before reading it below. 

    I have a special guess here with me today from Louisiana. Patti came as a rather mature Believer, but still wrestled with some major personal issues.

    My childhood was spent in silent compliance to my parents in an attempt to protect myself from getting in  trouble. My dad was an unhappy, angry, fearful, and negative person which resulted in an atmosphere in our home of blame and scrutiny. I absorbed these feelings towards myself, repressing anger as I felt unjustly victimized.

    When I got married at age 19, all that unresolved anger came to a head and exploded with my husband and children suffering the fallout. I had depression, and found myself  miserable in every way. I went about trying to get the love, from my husband, I felt I needed to survive, using desperate measures of control even resulting in sin, which just made things worse.

    After I found the Lord, I received minimal measures of deliverance, but I was still being controlled by what now had become demonic strongholds.  God began preparing my heart to receive soul healing, as He connected me to the Whole Person Counseling web site. During my week of counseling, I had daily sessions with Basil Frasure, and early morning sessions with the Lord.

    Through heartfelt forgiveness extended to others and received for myself, the Lord has broken down the strongholds of fear, jealousy, anger, offense, hate and rejection. He's flooded those areas with His love and tenderness.

You may contact Patti at the e-mail below for any questions.  Please put please put "Basil Frasure, Ph.D." in the subject line so she won't think that the e-mail is a spam.
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