The photo pictures the sun shinning above the trees in the forest and through the clouds.

God is there with us even when we are walking in the forest of decisions in our lives and when there are clouds of depression and fear hanging over us.

We just need to look up to see Him and follow His voice.

sun shinning through the forest

Sylvia's Testimony

Counselor's Note: Sylvia was a local client that I had worked with over a period of time as she faced some dramatic and painful personal issues in her life. My goal was to help her receive personal healing, but also to look beyond the circumstances to see God and to hear God in the midst of trauma. As Sylvia listened and began to apply these Scriptural truths in her life, the following story became her test of applying these truths.

Saturday – November 9, 2013 – 10:00 p.m.

Hi, my name is Sylvia,

    I would like to give God all the Honor and Glory for what He did this night. I was at my daughter and son-in-law's apartment. They had ordered Pizza, so we could eat and watch a movie. We ate around 8:00 p.m. or so. Then about 10:00 p.m., I felt led to go home and I told my daughter. She said, “We are about to watch a movie.” I told her, “I have got to go home.” In my spirit, I felt an urgency to just go home. So I left in my car and got on W. Houston Harte Expressway. As I was on the highway, I looked through my rear view mirror and saw this vehicle coming up really fast and then slowed down when it got close to my car. The driver then stepped on the gas like he was wanting to race with me. I let go of my gas peddle and he stepped on his gas peddle and went away really fast. Up ahead I saw the pickup swerving from side to side.

    I just started praying. As I approached Glenna Street overpass, I just saw a lot of dust everywhere, but I didn't see the pickup anymore. Then I looked up to my right and saw the pickup truck on top of the hill on the side of the road. It was all wrecked. I pulled over and called 911. As I was running up the hill, I could hear in my mind my pastor say, “Souls are in the balance.” So I ran faster and could see two men on their cell phones calling for help as well. I asked one man where the driver was. He said that he is on the passenger's side. I ran to the other side and saw his body twisted out of shape and he was not moving. I thought that he was dead. However, I said, “Son, I have called for help.” Then he lifted his head and I then realized that he was still alive. He tried to speak but blood was coming out of his mouth. I told him not to move and that help was coming. I said, “Son, I don't know you, but God is telling me that He knows you and for you to call upon Him right now.” “Right now, repent and ask God to forgive you of your sins.” He again tried to speak, but more blood came out of his mouth. I told him, “Don't move. Don't move. Just talk to God in your heart. He hears you. He knows you.” Then I just started praying myself and asking the Holy Spirit to help him. Then I backed away as the police and paramedics arrived. In a few minutes, I saw the paramedics cover the victim with a white sheet.

    One policeman asked me to give written statement. After filling it in, he said that I had not given a full report in that I had not written on it about praying with the victim. He said that I need to add that part because there are but a few people that stand up for their beliefs. After some time the police office said that I could leave. When I got home, I prayed and told the Lord that I needed to know if young man had made it to heaven. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “Sylvia, I would not have put you there if he was not going to make it.” Then I asked the Lord, “What now?” The Lord said, “Go tell his mom and dad that he made it.”

    There had been at the scene of the accident another young man who knew the name of the victim. My daughter and son-in-law helped me search for the family of the young man who had been killed. I found when and where the viewing the body would be. It was at the viewing at church where I met the young man's parents. His father was very concerned about whether or not his son was saved. I assured him that I was at the scene of the accident and that I had shared the gospel with him and believe that God spoke clearly to me that he, indeed, had made a commitment before he died.

    As I have privately shared with others what God has done through this experience, many have been encouraged and have heard that some may have even been saved. I believe that this testimony should be shared with the body of Christ as a whole giving God the Honor and Glory.

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