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Resident Training

Dean and his wife, Phylis, came for two weeks of resident trianing in counseling. Both had done marriage counseling for many years. I was delighted to show them my approach.
Rachel's Testimony

Rachel was a great listener, spiritual discerner, and help in communication as she set in on a week of counseling sessions.
How Beautiful It Is

It has been a number of years since Jessica came for intensive counseling, but the seed that was planted has sprouted, grown, and become a beautiful blossoming flower. May the Lord continue to bless Jessica.

A Deeply Spiritual Lady

Heather came with some deep emotional wounds, but learned to find freedom and healing through forgiveness and though faith  in what Jesus had already done for her through the cross event. She also learned how to tear down strongholds as well.
New Identity & Freedom From Pornography

John came from the State of Washington with a life long addiction to pornography which had about destroyed his life. Must to John's surprise, the pornography issue was not main focus of the counseling. He needed to learn more of God's love and God's grace to him that might overcome the addiction.
Delivered From Darkness

Stephanie was exposed to a lot of darkness in her childhood. This brought a lot of fear an anxiety into his life even in her adulthood. She thought a lot about death and suicide a lot. She was desperate enough to travel over a 3,000 mile round trip on a bus to get freedom and healing.
God Delivered Debra From Depression

Debra came from California suffering from depression after seeing a number of other family members die. She came to find God's deliverance from depression and she was also healed from some anemia and some other physical issues. The video was actually recorded about 5 years ago.
Hearing God In The Midst Of Trauma

Sylvia learned to look beyond the circumstances to see God and to hear God in the midst of trauma. As Sylvia listened and began to apply these Scriptural truths in her life, the following story became her test  and testimony of applying these truths.
A Leader Who Needed To Be Led

Daevid is a born leader, but found that he needed to be led by the Holy Spirit. He came a long ways for counseling and was at first disappointed. However, he came to discover freedom from generational curses and the meaning of living the Christian life.
A Christian Who Suffered Loss

Nate became a Believer as a child, but suffered the loss of his best friend and then he got cancer and became angry. The anger opened the door for the enemy to begin to work in his life through ADHD, shame, and suicidal thoughts. However, Nate experienced a  freedom in his heart in counseling.
Grace Brought Freedom And Healing

Ruth states, "Although I have been a Christian for many years, I never underwent any discipleship, and this affected my spiritual journey with the Lord." Ruth came with her husband from Southeast Asia to discover an understanding of God's grace which brought emotional healing.
She Was A Prisoner Of Her Past

Blythe is a Believer and a Bible teacher, but found herself an emotional prisoner of her past. She vividly described her situation as be caught in a deficite mode in her life; however, she has now found freedom in who she is in Christ.

Connecting To Her Childlike Faith

I came to Whole person counseling with a desire and hope of validating my identity and purpose in Jesus Christ. I so desired to reconnect with the "childlike faith" that had been my way of living in my youth and young adult life. 

Set Free From Depression & Bipolar

Christine was fighting with confusion, depression, and other bipolar symptoms when she came, but the Lord set her free. The best news is that the Lord is keeping her free.

Learning To Apply The Truth Of The Word

As Benjamin began to allow more of the light of God's Word shine deep inside, the depression began to lift and he began to see his life as something of beauty.  I could see daily changes in Benjamin's countenance. Praise the Lord.

Learning To Walk In Her Faith

Shannon come here as a English teacher in China who had given her life to the Lord some 29 years ago, but who had never learned to walk in daily in the Lord. It was exciting to see her day by day receive truth and to begin to walk in it. 

A Lighthouse Set On A Solid Foundation.

Bob came from Indiana as a physically strong young man, but on the inside that was a different story. As God has brought freedom and healing into his life, he is becoming a lighthouse for Christ standing on a solid foundation.

Lived With A Bipolar Disorder 12 yrs.

Marie came to Whole Person Counseling from Washington DC for two weeks of intensive counseling after she searched for a cure for a bipolar disorder. Hear about her freedom and healing.

Free From The Devil's Web

Tracey came for 2 weeks of intensive counseling and resident training.  She has been one of the most diligent individuals to receive and apply the principles of Biblical truth and God has rewarded her for that.

A Christian For Over 64 years

Yes, you read the tittle correctly.  Anita had been a Believer for over 64 years when she came for counseling by default because her granddaughter bailed on the day that Anita was to bring her.

Learning More About Grace

Cedric came from Alberta, Canada to learn that though confession,  forgiveness, and humility that he had access to more of God's amazing Grace. He is learning to begin to look at that needs of others rather than just his own needs.

Saved or Lost

Joaquin was faced with a decision of being saved or being lost when he came to discover that one must give their life to Jesus as Lord in order to be really saved.  It is more than an intellectual conclusion, it is a faith commitment.

Rediscovering Her Identity

When Laci went through the trial of having her husband leave her, she discovered that she was getting her identity from her husband and family. She needed to find again her identity in someone who would never ever leave her, Jesus Christ.

A Time To Grow

Mikalyn, a 10 year old child,  had been diagnosed with a Bipolar disorder. First she gave her life to the Lord.  She then she learned some important principles of the Word toward becoming a young lady. Watch her video testimony.

God's Surprise Blessing

Dr. Flowers came to get help for her daughter, but as she sat in on the counseling, she came to realize that God also wanted to do a special work in  her own life. He wanted to set her free from fear and anxiety. 

Standing Against The Lies

Nancy  and also her husband, Steve, came out of many years of an abusive, cult background. Her personality had be beaten into the ground. It was good to see God work in her life and to see her set on a journey of being set free from emotional bruises.

Blossoming By Grace 

Dr. White came as a fragile and delicate rose.  She had been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and had to face multiple issues of grief. However, as God began to work in her life, she became something of beauty in the Lord. 

A Beautiful Picture

Many people have many large looming obstacles in their lives like gigantic rocks, but as they gain a higher view from God's Word, their lives begins to form a beautiful picture. This is a picture of Matthew's life.

Regaining His Foundation

Scott came here from Hawaii to regain his foundation in who he is in Christ.  He had found himself ministering alone and that opened the door for the enemy to work in his life, but as Scott would now say, "God has rewired him."

Pastors Need Counseling Too

God has placed a call before me to minister to pastors and their families. Some people think that pastors are immune to problems, but the reality is that pastors are a prime target for the enemy.   Gary was no exception.

He Found God Again

 Thomas is a down to earth guy who had lost sight of God in his life.  "Most of my life, I have dealt with depression, doubt, and not fitting in.  Anyone that came into my life was affected and I had difficulty maintaining relationships."

The Sun Breaking Through

Almost out of the blue the enemy attacked Michael. He became very, very, physically ill with symptoms of Parkinson. The accuser suggested that he had lost his salvation and was condemned to Hell. However, the Sun of Righteous began to break through with healing.

Regaining Her Purpose

Pat got busy trying to hold to some issues in her past and lost her purpose along the way.  "I had decided that my purpose for serving God was ended, that I was too old and became very fearful and depressed."

A Rose That Blossomed

Ceinwen's husband closely watched as his wife blossomed after they traveled from Wales, UK to Texas that she might be freed from the Bipolar bondage.  Sexual abuse,  generational curses, and personal failures had kept her heart closed. 

Unloading The Baggage

Debra came with a truckload of baggage of rejection, fear, anxiety and depression. She had a dream to minister in the corporate world, but with the baggage it was difficult to function in her own life.

Mature But Troubled

Patti came out of a home where her dad was filled with anger, criticism, and fear.  Although Patti had been a Believer for many years, she still needed to tear down the strongholds that the enemy had built in her life.

Rediscovering God's Love

I have had issues in my life dating back to my childhood. I was very angry and later had problems with decision making, having difficulty seeing myself as worth anything and problems with my emotions.

A Free Spirited Lady

I was 19 years old when I rebelled against my parents and in essence, rebelled against God. 30 years passed and after a failed marriage, two abortions, addicted to crack cocaine, no money, job, car, home .... With video now added.

Free As A Butterfly

God gave me a picture of Cynthia as being free as a butterfly. Shortly after Cynthia was saved she sought the approval of church leaders and other church members, but the more she sought their approval the more she found herself rejected.

Overcoming An Unfair World

I came as a resident trainee, but the Lord had addition plans for me. I have often looked at the world as unfair place and became angry. I externalized my pain and fear resulting in physical tension in my neck and back. 

Overcoming Agoraphobia

I experienced a full-blown panic attack so intense that it seemed to last for days. From there on, I became 'agoraphobic.'  Anything and everything caused me anxiety and panic attacks.  I was no longer able to work and felt like I had lost all coping mechanisms.  I couldn't deal with the simplest things in life. 

Freedom From Fear Of Man

I struggled with doubt and discouragement.  As I grew more discouraged, I became bitter and depressed.  During college, I got into alcohol and then drug use.  I tried to hide from and ignore the issues and I became fearful of others.

Assurance Of Salvation

 I became so hopeless and despairing that I felt there was no way of life for me. My life was doomed to misery and suffering to the end of my days. I decided I should try to come see Dr. Basil before I drew my final conclusion which left me staring suicide in the face.

Overcoming The Pain

This is an interview with Tamera who shares of her overcoming both emotional and physical pain. She states, "Some doctors thought it was MS, but my neurologist said that it was the effects of chronic depression." (text & mp3)

Multiplicity To Wholeness

Broox gives her testimony in a mp3 audio. "Although, I went to many therapists, none of them could free me of my multiplicity. The result was hopelessness, attempts of suicide and hospitalizations."

Randy's Testimony

 This is a mp3 audio of Randy's testimony.  God has given Randy a deep, beautiful, testimony in a song "I just want to praise you Lord" which he has written. Don't miss this one.

A Free Conscience

 "I grew up in a vary dysfunction and abusive home.  My father was an angry, bitter man who took his anger out on his family. Therefore, I grew up with a poor self-image resulting in worry, fear, anxiety, panic attacks ...."

Briana's Testimony

This is an flash presentation with mp3 audio. "I was suffering with issues of depression, getting all of my self worth from my appearance and external relationships which lead to my insecurity, fear, ...."

More Of God's Grace

Was I not praying enough?  Was this just my 'thorn' I would have to accept?  I thank my Heavenly Father ... who has enabled me to be delivered from the past by God's Grace. I am no longer taking medication which I felt compelled to take before.

 MPD / DID to Wholeness

I became afraid of myself not knowing who I was going to be from one moment to the next or what I was doing when another personality was out.  Enough was Enough!   I needed HELP!

God Loved Me Like I Was

 My father was a violent alcoholic and put extreme fear in me at a young age.  What made things worse was the way he made fun of me.  I was shy and awkward and he amplified those feeling by mocking me. 

The End Of The Road

For about 4 years, I had suffered severely from depression, finding it extremely difficult to find peace with my father who had severely abused me .... 

Experiencing God's Grace

For I even went as far as leaving every one and every thing behind, to start a new life, in a new place, only to later realize, that I could not run away from myself. 

Freedom From A Bipolar Disorder

For seven years, I had suffered with the Diagnosis of Bipolar disorder/Manic depression with frequent bouts of suicidal ideation and attempts.

... Also update 4/24/07 after nine years of freedom.

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