Near Ft. Davis, Texas

Thomas' Testimony

Please Listen to the Testimony above:

    I have a special guest here with me today from Vero Beach, Florida. Thomas is a down to earth guy who had lost sight of God in his life.  Here is Thomas with his testimony.

   Most of my life, I have dealt with depression, doubt, and not fitting in.  Anyone that came into my life was affected and I had difficulty maintaining relationships.  I read self help books and how to books ... and yes they helped me, but could not heal me and I knew it. This went on for about ten years. Through some wonderful people that God brought into my life, I met my wife, but within eight months thoughts of suicide came and I spent a week in the hospital.

   I became tired of just putting Band Aids on my issues and wanted to be healed.  With several people searching the internet, we came across Whole Person Counseling.

   In the two weeks that I have been here, my expectations of what God would do was met, plus.  In the first few days, I was feeling better and seeing and hearing better direction.  In asking for the Holy Spirit to guide us in our conversations, topics came up that I was unaware of. God has shown me how to live my life without fear.  God has blessed me and allowed me to see and hear that he has a plan for me and that it will be a marvelous journey if I will let him drive. 

    You may contact Thomas at the e-mail below for any questions.  Please put please put "Basil Frasure, Ph.D." in the subject line so she won't think that the e-mail is a spam.

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