The Devil's Web

    Tracey wanted you to see the Devil's Web of generational curses, lies of the enemy, side effects, word curses, and inner vows which the Lord set her free from,
so she drew this neat graphic to illustrate God's awesome grace.

    Its been a long journey.  There has been a lot to overcome.  My Life has been a series of abandonment abuse, and deep emotional trauma.  Had it not been for God and His love and faithfulness for me, I wouldn't be where I am at, which is right in the middle of God's will for me.  Let me clarify.  There have been times I questioned God about why I had to go through so much pain and anguish.  Why God have you allowed my loved ones to be hurt in the worst ways?  Why God have I been abandoned by the one who were supposed to protect me and love me the most?  Why God has my life been a relentless series of anguish, abuse and emotional trauma with no break?  God didn't I deserve to be loved and protected?  God where were you?  I finally receive my answers to these questions.  His answer was this:  trust me my precious daughter for you have a purpose.  You past is going to be a catalyst to the purpose I have for you.  Trust me.  It was when I finally accepted and received this truth that I came to a place where I knew that my past was exactly what it was suppose to be.  My past has been the conditioning for my character and to love and help others.

    Part of my realization of this was when God directed me to an exceptional man of God, Basil Frasure.  Basil counseled me in every area of my pain with the Word of God.  Every issue that was presented ... Basil covered with Scripture.  Basil also taught me how to apply this in my life outside of counseling.   I think my identity and how I perceived myself was corrupted and diluted because I saw myself as victim of evil doings, time and time again." However, Basil helped me with this as well.  He gave me many scriptures that spoke to me and showed me the truth.about my TRUE IDENTITY, my identity in Christ, and the only identity that will stand regardless of circumstance or experience.  Facts are always subject to change, BUT TRUTH remain and supersedes ALL.  God's Word is TRUTH.  It's no wonder that so many get the freedom they seek when counseling with Basil.  TRUTH (God's Word) heals, bring light, and it sets captives free.  What doe you need to be set free from?  I encourage you to seek the freedom and healing that is available through God's love and faithfulness.

    In closing, I would like to add that my particular journey for healing and freedom has been precious.  Step by step, I have come a long way by applying these principles that Basil has shared and equipped me with; however, I know I still have some more work to do.  It's a process, but I am grateful for the refining and growth that has eliminated dead, toxic areas out of my heart and mind.   Signed: Tracey Clanton.

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