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Basil Frasure, PhD.

Thank you for your interest in Preferred Leave-counseling.

    People who are from out of the area are invited to come for two weeks of counseling..  This means that there will be about 20+ hours of counseling spread over a week (working about 1/2 day + each day). Some days counseling may possibly extend to 4 + hours as needed.  I don't punch a time clock, but normally schedule the hours sometime between about 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. There will be various breaks as needed and of course time for lunch.  I like to use illustrative props and also show some illustrative videos during the two weeks to break up the time and to give additional support concerning the issues which are being covered.  I have chosen this format of counseling for the following reasons:

1. I don't like to just put a Band-Aid on a problem and send people home.  I see too many people who have already experienced that.
2. This type of counseling gives time to get to the root of problems and does not just deal with the symptoms.
3. It gives time to uncover any of the strongholds (or blind spots) of the enemy.  This is done through prayer and looking into the Bible to see what the Bible itself says about various issues.
4. There is always a need to receive healing for the emotional wounds.  This also takes understanding, faith, prayer, and some time.  Jesus taught, preached, and then healed.
5. Just tearing down strongholds is not enough.  There must be a foundation built upon the Word of God so that the individual has something upon which he can stand. See "Rebuilding The Walls."
6. Recognizing that some issues may not be completely covered during the two weeks, I want to give the individual the knowledge for continuing the good work.
7. I also want give the individual tools that he or she may be equipped to resist the attack of the enemy and continue to stand in the faith once he or she leaves my office.
8. When someone finishes the counseling, I also want the individual to be equipped to minister to others in need who might come to that individual for help.
     Although counseling is on an individual basic, here is a list of some of the general topics which may to be covered during the two weeks:  (1) discovering one's identity, (2) healing of emotional wounds and bruises, (3) getting a clear conscience, (4) finding freedom from anger, depression, and fear,  (5) tearing down of strongholds and overcoming additions, (6) breaking generational curses and word curses,  (7) understanding spiritual warfare, (8) discovering purpose and your personal ministry, and (9) connecting the soul with physical health and prosperity.   Also see: "What To Expect".  Although there are a number of hours spent each day in counseling, the time is broken into segments of prayer, inquiry, discussion, teaching, illustrations, application, videos, and various breaks as needed.  Most all the people say that the counseling is not boring and the time flies by before they realize it.

Additional information for you:

I would strongly suggest that you bring:  (1). Your Bible (preferable the King James Version because that is what we will use). (2). Something that you can use for taking notes.  I will give you a 2" loose leaf notebook, which you will fill with supportive material during the two weeks.  If you are traveling by airplane, please leave room in your luggage for addition books and additional material that I may give to you.
"Personal Counseling Appointments"
"Why Avoid Counseling?"
Of course, I don't know you situation, but you may have your spouse or a close friend accompany you if you wish.  If the individual (spouse or close friend) were to come and sit in on any sessions, I would require that the individual would not interfere or disrupt the counseling, but pray.  One potential problem also would be that you might want to talk about some issues concerning the individual in counseling that you would feel uncomfortable with the individual there.  I am open, but just want to minister efficiently.
San Angelo, does have a small airport if you choose to fly to San Angelo, Texas.   There are also international airports at Midland/Odessa and Austin (three hours away or less).  I have had clients use all three alternatives.
*** We would just need to schedule a time when you could come and I when I can meet with you for counseling. Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.   See: Schedule Openings and Client Survey Form.

        *** I will be glad to try to answer any further questions that you may have. You may e-mail meor you may also call me at (325) 651-9516.  If I don't answer the phone, just leave your name, phone number, and a time in which I may return your call.

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Sincerely in Christ,
Basil Frasure, Ph.D.


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