John 7:38 

He that believeth on me, 
as the scripture hath said, 
out of his inner most being 
shall flow 
rivers of living water.

Resident Training

For Counselors

    Recognizing that most educational training for counselors, even Christian counselors is from a secular perspective. I feel that it is important to offer training from a Biblical perspective.  For a comparison of views see: Basis Approaches To Counseling.  Therefore, I am making a special offer to counselors or those in training to become counselors to disciple them for a week (about 20+ hours) working about 4+ hours per day each day.  Please contact me by e-mailemail address.

    This resident training program is Free of cost. See: Appointments.   Of course, the discipleship must be scheduled as available.

    The training will be intense and even somewhat exhaustive to the individual.  The individual will need to bring his Bible (KJV) and writing material.  I would also suggest that the individual read as much as the material as possible that I have online before he comes for training.  During the week of discipleship, there will be detailed explanation of Scriptural principles of counseling, one on one discussions, some role playing, and time for questions.  The individual will receive many handouts and view various videos to support the material that is being covered. I will provide a 3 hole, loose leaf, note book.  The experience will be anything but boring!  Many colorful story illustrations are given for explanation of principles.

    At the end of the training, the individual will receive an certificate, certifying that he has completed the residential training through Whole Person Counseling by Basil Frasure, Ph.D.  Note: Since, by state law, I practice Scriptural-basesd counseling, the certification does not legally qualify one to practice "professional counseling".  However, the certification can be proudly displayed as reference for training. Please see the sample Certificate below.

    Since I have much more material than available than I can possibly cover during the two weeks, I will prayerfully cover what I sense that the Holy Spirit would have me cover.  Some of the basic topics would be:

    1. The Scriptural approach to counseling.
    2. The nature of man (spirit, soul, and body).
    3. The salvation through grace.
    4. Understanding principles of authority.
    5. Understanding family relations.
    6. The healing of the whole person (spirit, soul, and body).
    7. Deliverance ministry.
    8. Place of prayer in counseling.
    9. Dealing with various mental and emotional disorders.
    10. How to get a clear conscience.
    11. Seeing issues from God's perspective.
    12. Cleansing for the counselor.
    13. How to overcome depression.
    14. Scriptural guidelines for eating.
    15. How to overcome struggles with anger.
    16. Living a victorious life.
    17. The Holy Spirit and counseling.
    18. Overcoming Fear.
    19. Overcoming depression.
    20. Parent and children issues.
    21. Scriptural view of finances.
    22. Breaking generational curses.

    Note: specific disorders (such as manic-depression, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, borderline personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder) will be discussed as the topics surface during the week.  My purpose is to provide the basic tools that one can bring resolution to whatever issues arise.  One should also understand that God has gifted me to teach the principles of counseling, but only the Holy Spirit can direct the individual in the counseling session.

    *** From time to time people ask me about what model that I use in counseling.  I use a Scripture-based counseling model.  For an overview see: WPC Counseling Model.

    No individual should come without first prayerfully considering the matter!

For an Resident Training Survey & Application Form

    The following is a letter from Mr. Walker who came from New Hampshire to complete a week of training.  He is currently (spring & summer 2000) working on a Master's in Psychology from Harvard and also a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling from American College.


Dr. Basil Frasure

Whole Person Counseling

Dr. Frasure,

    I wanted to take a minute to let you know how grateful I am that you took time away from your busy schedule to personally teach me the principles of Christian Counseling, and more specifically the concept of Whole Person Counseling.  Two years prior to taking the week-long training, I had already made a faith commitment to God.  However, my confidence and conviction in the Holy Spirit grew exponentially during the week of training.

    As you may recall one of my concerns was that I was not sure that I would be able to get clear directions from the Holy Spirit.  In one of my first counseling sessions after the training, I was called to help a fellow Christian who was suffering deeply from hurt, I was able to call upon the Holy Spirit to give me scriptures that would help her.  We bowed our heads and prayed together and when I opened my eyes the Holy Spirit directed me to Matthew 18:15-20.  From there we read on through verses 21-35.  These scriptures helped us to understand how Jesus felt about us harboring sorrow and hurt.  The scripture helps us understand that we are God's children and united in Christ and that we have a Biblical Reference that addresses our circumstances and that the guidance is laid out for us to follow in the Word of God.  She was helped immediately by this direction.  I will continue to work with her to help her uncover other wounds that she has carried for years.

    Dr. Frasure, I just wanted you to know how good it makes me feel to know that I am able to help people in crisis.  Your prophecy that I will lead a ministry of love, forgiveness and understanding - and through that cleanse the sins of people is coming to pass also.  I will be helping local churches in their counseling efforts to heal the hurts of their congregation and re-affirm their faith in Christ.  The Spirit of the Lord rings within my soul and I feel so wonderfully blessed.  After digesting the tons of information you gave me during the week, I came to the conclusion that through the biblical principles, the concept of Whole Person Counseling and the direction of the Holy Spirit, I am able to offer real, lasting solutions to help people. That makes me feel good! Thanks for your divine guidance. I could not write a check big enough to pay you for all the help and wisdom that I received during that very fast week of Disciple Study.

Brothers in Christ
David Earl Walker,
Whole Person Counselor

(Actual certification is  8 1/2 X 11 with true signature)

   For questions or additional information, please contact me (Basil Frasure, Ph.D.)
at or by phone (325) 651-9516.
See: Schedule Openings

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