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How To Destroy The Evil Tree

    Are you facing compulsive or addictive behaviors in your life? How To Destroy The Evil Tree gives Biblical insight to how the wrong choices of our forefathers play a significant role in our lives. Furthermore, the book reveals some lasting solutions in overcoming the most severe addictions. It is dedicated to all the people who struggle with a bondage to the enemy and have a earnest desire to have the chains broken and the prison doors opened.

    Both counselor and counselee may greatly benefit by reading How To Destroy The Evil Tree.

Read online or download a new free .pdf copy: Evil Tree -online


  • 1. Discovering the Basis for the Tree Concept
  • 2. Establishing a Good Tree
  • 3. Sizing up the Evil Tree
  • 4. Taking the Steps to Cut Down the Evil Tree
  • 5. Learning How to Grow The Good Tree
  • 6. Bringing the Good Tree to Maturity
  • 7. Understanding the Care of the Good Tree
  • Appendixes
  • Notes
  • Bibliography


    Bringing Every Thought Captive, Vol. I - book
    Bringing Every Thought Captive

        There once were three different men. The first man was a blind beggar who lived on the streets of a city, but claimed to be the son of a king. The second man was a prince, who lived on the streets, but didn't know that he was a son of the king. The third man was a prince who knew who he was and simply walked down the streets of the city to get to where he was going. Which would you rather be?

        Basil Frasure wrote Bringing Every Thought Captive to help the reader discover who he is and help him become who God desires him to be. Then he can walk down the streets of life fully confident of who he is and where he is going. 

        This book was written to assist ministers in sharing Biblical principles
    to help resolve the basis issues of life.


  • 1. Revealing Lasting Solutions
  • 2. Triumphing Over Performance
  • 3. Receiving A New Role Model
  • 4. Becoming Single-Minded
  • 5. Getting a Clear Conscience
  • 6. Overcoming Painful Memories
  • 7. Eliminating Physical Factors

  • NOW AVAILABLE: In a FREE PDF download.

    Read the Introduction to the book: Bringing Every Thought Captive

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