Heart Check Camera

This is an unusual camera to check your heart.

Please answer the questions before hitting the "Take My Picture" button below the camera.
Note: You must not  leave any question blank!
Please view each choice and then click on Enter button.

1. How often do you attend church?

2. Are your parents Believers?
3. Do you drink alcohol more than once a week?
4. Have you confessed all your sins?
5. Do you believe in a literal Heaven and Hell?
6. How often do you read your Bible?
7. Have you been baptized in water?
8. How often do you offer prayers unto God?
9. Do you give a tithe (1/10 of your income) to God through your church?
10. Have you committed a sin that you believe that God will not forgive?
11. If Jesus was to return for his church today, would you be ready to go with him?
12. Have you ever committed your life to Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?

Super Spiritual Camera
Be sure to face the camera and give a big SMILE!