Identity Crisis Test

How we see ourselves often determines
how we feel emotionally and how we respond to others.

The following test is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather meant to help you discover more about yourself.

Instructions for taking this test are as follows:
Answer each question with either True [T] or False [F] by checking the appropriate column. Check the left column for True and the right column for False.

1. When I gain my self-esteem, I will find true happiness.
2. I look at myself and question if God could ever use me.
3. If I don't live up to God's standards, I will lose my salvation.
4. I often see myself as a victim of my circumstances.
5. I have to know and use my spiritual gifts in order to find fulfillment.
6. I am sure that if I just tried harder, I could become righteous and live a righteous life.
7. If I reject the natural, unchangeable features of my life, I am also rejecting God
8. A good definition for a Christian is "a sinner saved by God's grace."

Remember . . . it is only a test.
9. I become very hurt and angry when people reject me.
10. I feel that no one has ever really loved me or cared about me.
11. If I could become more righteous, God would love me more.
12. At times I find myself exaggerating about my accomplishments.
13. I often seem confused about who I really am.
14. I find my identity in my relationship with my family (parents, spouse, or children).
15. I see myself as being a saint.
16. I know the meaning of my name and understand that God has a purpose in it.
You are half way there.
17. I often get angry when people question what I know to be right.
18. I believe that I am a unique creation of God.
19. Other people have kept me from being what God would have me to be.
20. I am just human and can't keep from sinning at times.
21. I often look more at what I can't do than what I can do.
22. A Christian can commit an unpardonable sin and go to hell.
23. Other people may hear God speak to them, but I never hear God speak to me.
24. My success is based upon becoming debt free and wealthy.
You have only one more set.
25. I find my identity in my business, job, position, or ministry.
26. I sometimes try to please others even when I know that what I am doing is wrong.
27. I see myself as a spiritual being, having a soul, and living in a house of flesh.
28. I find myself becoming angry when people question my authority.
29. The major cause of feelings of inferiority is my seeing my imperfections.
30. Jesus came to heal me immediately of all my physical diseases.
31. I am thankful to God in every situation.
32. I find myself complaining that I don't have enough hours in the day.
Congratulations! You have finished.
***Note: This material is based upon some material from IBP and Mr. Gothard

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