Motivational Gifts


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Motivational gifts are the spiritual gifts that God has given to each of us that motivate us into ACTION.

You can discern for yourself your motivational gifts.
You can see where you fit into the body.
You can see how you relate to others who may have different giftings.
You may also discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Please Note: This following test is not meant to be totally comprehensive, but rather meant to give
you a sense of direction in finding your place in society.

Instructions for taking this (free) test are as follows: brown bar

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For each set, click ONLY one box in each column:
one for the Best (A) and another one for Second Best (B).
Set One
1. You often see issues as being all white or all black (right or wrong).
2. You would rather do things yourself rather than having others help you. 
3. You feel a need to validate and clarify truth.
4. You often outline clear, practical steps of action in counseling others. 
5. You can see the material needs of someone, when others can't. 
6. You are concerned about the precise details of a project. 
7. You have the ability to discern emotional distress or joy in individuals or groups. 
Set Two
1. You have the ability to discern the personal needs of others. 
2. You desire to remove others immediately from an emotional or hurtful situation. 
3. You can see the resources in others and find it easy to delegate responsibilities. 
4. You must see outward change before accepting sincere inward repentance. 
5. You can easily dedicate yourself to deep research. 
6. You seek to make wise investments that you may have more resources to give. 
7. You have the ability to see both sides of a situation. 
Set Three
1. You have the ability to systematically present the truth to others.
2. You may tend to judge the spirituality of others based upon their use of finances. 
3. You have the ability to have empathy with hurting people. 
4. You find yourself to be quick to discern, direct in speech, and forceful in action. 
5. You have a tendency to exhaust yourself in helping others.
6. You encourage and motivate others to reach their full potential. 
7. You are a self-starter and decisive. 
Set Four
1. You can see the big picture and encourage others to find their place in it.
2. You can look at a large project and break it into achievable goals.
3. You are a strong defender of truth and will even suffer for righteousness.
4. You have the desire to be appreciated privately, but do not want public recognition. 
5. You are sensitive to words, attitudes, and actions that may harm others.
6. You often prefer to keep your giving secret. 
7. You like to accumulate and file knowledge that you have discovered. 
Set Five
1. You desire to give quality gifts to others.
2. You try to avoid confrontation whenever possible. 
3. You have a strong interest in future events and can foresee them before they occur. 
4. You find it difficult to say "No" when others ask for your assistance. 
5. You are persistent to dig out little known facts. 
6. You enjoy sharing truth face to face. 
7. You will follow a job through to completion, then look for a new one. 
Set Six
1. You find it easy to take charge in the absence of leadership.
2. You believe in an all or nothing commitment 
3. You don't get tired of doing things that please others. 
4. You only rely upon established sources of authority. 
5. You have the ability to see root causes of surface problems. 
6. You like to motivate others to give through your giving. 
7. You have a tendency to measure acceptance by closeness in relationships. 
Set Seven
1. You have the tendency to overlook the failures of others in order to relate to them.
2. You require the loyalty of those under your authority. 
3. You are hard on yourself when you discover that you have been wrong.
4. You can see how tragedy and struggles can produce growth. 
5. You are very particular about the accuracy of details. 
6. You can remember the personal likes and dislikes of others. 
7. You will invest of yourself along with your financial giving 
Set Eight
1. You may say, "Let me encourage you to try these steps next time."
2. You may ask, "How can I help you?"
3. You often sincerely ask, "How do you feel?"
4. You may say, "Jack you do this, James you do that, and I will do the other." 
5. You may ask, "Do you have the finances to cover that expense, if not, I ...."
6.  You may state, "The reason it happened was ...."
7. You may say, "That's what happens when you ...." 
Set Nine
1. You may say, "Let me tell you all the rewards of giving."
2. You may say, "I have done some research and I believe ...." 
3. You may ask, "What is God trying to say to you?"
4. You may say, "Don't feel too badly; it happens to everyone sooner or later."
5. You may say, "Bill, I have been watching you, and it is time that you take over." 
6. You may ask, "What can we learn from this experience to use in the future?"
7. You may say, "Why don't you let me take care of that for you?" 
Set Ten
1. Others may say that they resent your sureness about your authority.
2. Others may say that you are too personable and offer too much advice. 
3. Others may say that you help others so that you can control them. 
4. Others may say that you are too accepting of people when they are wrong. 
5. Others may say that you just give to receive the recognition. 
6. Others may say that you bore them with too many details 
7. Others may say that you are overly critical and even judgmental. 

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