Whole Person Counseling
On The Desktop Of Your Computer
Here is How: (It is simple).

1. Click on the link and download the zip file of icons =

Wpc2.ico Wpc-menu.ico WPC-new.ico Message.ico Daily.ico

    a. After downloading the zip file, unzip it.
    b. You will have a choice of one of the these icons, or use more than one.
    c. Remember where you save the icons.

2. Go to the page you desire to link to. (Examples below).
    a. Home page =
    b. Main Menu =
    c. New Additions =
    d. Christian Message Board (with Prayer & Praise) =
    e. Daily Devotionals =
    f. Your Personal Calendar =

3. When you get to the appropriate page, use your right mouse button. When the menu pops up, click on "create shortcut".  This will put a new "browser icon" on your desktop with a link to that page.  OR in some of the newer browsers you may go to the search window at the top of the page and pull the icon down next to the link and place it on your desktop.

4. Go to the new "browser icon" and do a right click with your mouse.  When the menu pops up,
click on "properties".   Where the "Web document" is, you can change the icon to the one you have down loaded.  Click on "Change Icon" and go to "browse".  Locate where you saved the icons which you downloaded, click on the one you want to use, and hit open.  At the next window, hit O.K.

5. You may also change the title of the shortcut by again right clicking on the title and hitting "rename".

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