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Teachings On Ways To Experience Revival.

    As a Christian counselor, I occasionally have individuals come and stay for two weeks of counseling.  These individuals are generally emotionally wounded and broken hearted.  They often are caught in various bondages and see little purpose in continuing to live.  They often feel like God had deserted them and have lost faith in God.  They may be both emotionally and physically sick at the beginning of the week.

    However, during that two weeks of counseling, I will spend 40 to 60 or more hours with the individuals sharing principles of the Word, praying with them, and encouraging them to apply the Word.  To what extent the individuals are open to receiving and apply the Word of God, they will experience some rather dramatic positive changes in their lives.  They will experience revival on an individual basis!  See: "Personal Counseling" for some testimonies.

    God also often treats local churches as individuals (see Revelation, chapters two and three).  Therefore, I am convinced that if the same principles of the Word are received and applied to a local church, that church will also experience revival.

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