Spiritual Warfare Through Intercession
Instructions for exercise
: (1) First, print this page. (2) Get a pencil or pen to write. (3) Listen to the Real Audio Real Audio "Teaching Exercises On Spiritual Warfare."

Spiritual Warfare Diagram 1>>>>>>>>Spiritual Warfare Diagram 2

1. We see the surface problems ... the stronghold of the enemy. We see the barrier. 2. We are to pray for wisdom (insight/ His sight) that we may see the enemy through God's eyes.

Spiritual Warfare Diagram 3>>>>>>>>Spiritual Warfare Diagram 4

3. God sees the strongman (the enemy behind the wall / gate) which we can't see in the natural. 4. God gives us revelation: (a) We see the strongman/ real enemy (b). Also the will of God.

Spiritual Warfare Diagram 5>>>>>>>>Spiritual Warfare Diagram 6

5. We come into agreement with God = Faith
We agree with His Word, His will, and submit ourselves unto Him.
6. We speak to the issue.  We bind the enemy and cast down the stronghold in the name of Jesus.

Spiritual Warfare Diagram 7>>>>>>>>Spiritual Warfare Diagram 8

7. The Spirit of God tears down the stronghold and binds the enemy setting free the individual. 8. Then we are anointed to minister to the friend who is free, and God ministers as we minister.

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