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 Please contact Basil Frasure, Ph.D. regarding counseling 
services or appointments at  or (325) 651-9516. 


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    Although this web site ministers to thousands of people, many people need personal counseling.  E-mail is  somewhat lacking in effective communication.  Therefore, I offer three types of counseling:

1. Flex-counseling to local residents, 2. Leave-counseling, and 3. Preferred Leave-counseling to nonlocal residents.  Also see: Testimonies.

1. Flex-counseling (for local residents and those with lesser severe issues)

    For local residents, I try to set up appointments (when possible) that will flex around their work and child care schedule (preferably 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday).  Normally, the appointments are 1and 1/2 to 2 hours in length, with one or two sessions the first week, then taper off as the individual makes progress. I work on a donation basis. Any donation above $50.00 per session may be considered tax deductible donation. Please ask for a receipt if you want one.  If you make an appointment, please keep it.  If you can not keep it, please notify me in advance. 

2. Leave-counseling (for nonlocal residents and those with lesser severe issues) (SEE: Schedule Openings (for Leave-Counseling).
    For this type of counseling, I try to set aside from one day up to a week, with about 4 hours of counseling per day with short breaks during the day.

3. Preferred Leave-counseling (for nonlocal residents and those with more severe issues)  (SEE: Schedule Openings (for Leave-Counseling).
    Preferred Leave-counseling is a unique approach which I offer.  It is like the Leave-counseling which I have offered in the past in that the individual will need to take a leave from his residence or job for a period to come to San Angelo, Texas.  However, with Preferred Leave-counseling the individual will come for a two-week period rather than one.  I will work with the client 1/2 day (about 4 hours per day) Monday through Friday during the two-week period.  Although this type of counseling may be intense, it is very effective.  Preferred Leave-counseling is also comprehensive in that we can cover many issues within 10 days.  Remember that Daniel requested that the prince of the eunuchs prove him for ten days.  Also, local residents with more intensive issues may also consider this type of counseling.

    It often takes time, thought, and determination to change patterns of thought and habits.  It even takes some time for the body itself to adjust to the mental and emotional changes.  Read the experiences of some clients: Counseling Testimonies.  Please Note:  I have implemented a policy of dropping the normal counseling fees to work on a strictly donation basis.  However, to confirm an appointment for Preferred Leave-counseling appointment, please send a $100.00 donation along with the Client Survey Form.and signed Liability Form.  Please Contact Now for an appointment. Any donations above $800.00 for the two weeks of counseling may be considered tax deductible. Please let me know if you desire a receipt. 

    I will consider offering the one-week Leave-counseling to those who are unable to take advantage of the two weeks of counseling, but will strongly suggest the Preferred Leave-counseling.  One major advantage of Preferred Leave-counseling is that it will be less exhausting both for me and the client with the counseling being spread over two weeks.  Other advantages of Preferred Leave-counseling are that the individual has more time to receive, assimilate, and apply the Scriptural principles before returning home.

    *** I desire to minister to everyone that I can, but please do not schedule appointments in advance if you do not have the money to travel and to stay for the time you want to request. (James 4:13-15). If you schedule an appointment advance and see that you don't have the money to come or can not come for some other reason, please notify me immediately, that I may open the space for someone who is able and needs to come.

Additional Information for Preferred Leave-Counseling.

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To Schedule Appointments

    To schedule appointments or for additional information (including appropriate donations), please contact Basil Frasure, Ph.D. ator call (325) 651-9516 (if no immediate answer, please wait for me or my answering machine to pick up the line).  SEE: Schedule Openings (for Leave-Counseling).

Travel Information

    San Angelo does have a local airport (Mathis Field) (SJT).  There is also the Midland / Odessa airport (MAF) about 2 + hours away. Austin has an airport (AUS) about 3.5 + hours away. There are also airports in San Antonio (3.7 + hours away) (SAT) and Dallas (DFW) (5 + hours away).  For Driving Distances from your State, see a USA Map with a Mileage Chart from some of the major cities in the USA and Canada. See: Goggle Maps or MapQuest. Please Note: you may take some much shorter routes than sometimes given.  Normally, I can  provide transportation from and to a hotel if needed. You can find a fairly good local map of the address for Whole Person Counseling at 342 South Chadbourne, San Angelo, Texas).   

From Locations to San Angelo / WPC
From Mathis Field to WPC office
ab 10 mi.
From Odessa to San Angelo
131 mi.
From Austin to San Angelo
203 mi.
From San Antonio to San Angelo
209 mi.
From Dallas to San Angelo
252 mi.


    Here are some local motels and hotels: Holiday In (800-Holiday-465-4329), Best Western (800-528-1234), Red Lion of San Angelo (325) 658-2828, Wood Spring Suites of San Angelo (325) 617-7100, El Patio (800-677-7735), Motel 6 (800-466-8356), Fairfield Inn& Suites (325-482-8400), Hawthorn Inn & Suites (800-527-1133), Days Inn (325-658-6594), Ramada-Limited (325-653-8442), La Quinta Inn-Conference Center (325-949-0515),  Hampton Inn San Angelo (325-942-9622). Howard Johnson Inn (866-539-8430).  Please note:  I am not in a position to recommend any of these since I have not personally stayed at them.  You may find reviews on the web under "Hotels in San Angelo, Texas".   Some other lower cost options are a cabin just outside of San Angelo at Angelo State Park, or a cabin a the KOA Campground.

If you need a more detailed local map, I can mail one to you.

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    Are you interested in Resident Training?  Whole Person Counseling offers training for those who desire to become a counselor and those who want to sharpen their skills in counseling and for those who want to learn about Scripture-based counseling.  Resident Training For Counselors.


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